Training at dauskonzept: freya’s experience report

DAUSKONZEPT is a well-known company specializing in consulting and training services. The company also offers apprenticeships for young people who want to improve their professional skills. In this article, Freya, a former trainee at DAUSKONZEPT, shares her experiences and impressions of the training program.

Freya talks about the many different areas she worked in during her education. She has gained hands-on experience in both customer service and marketing. She also took the opportunity to participate in training and workshops led by experienced employees of the company.

For Freya, training at DAUSKONZEPT was a valuable experience that helped her improve her skills and knowledge in business and marketing. The experience and knowledge she gained during her time at DAUSKONZEPT was invaluable for her further career.

If you are interested in a career in the business world and are looking for a quality education, check out DAUSKONZEPT. Read Freya’s testimonial and learn firsthand what this education can offer to aspiring professionals.

DAUSKONZEPT – who are they??

DAUSKONZEPT is a successful company that specializes in consulting and conceptual work in the IT field. They have a very good reputation in the industry and are known for their innovative ideas and solutions, among other things.

For people who want to work in this field, DAUSKONZEPT offers various training programs to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills. One of them is Freya, who completed an apprenticeship at DAUSKONZEPT.

Thanks to the extensive training courses and the practical training at DAUSKONZEPT, Freya quickly learned how to precisely record customer requirements and develop suitable concepts on this basis. She has learned how to structure a project and tailor it to the client’s needs. Each project is unique and needs to be treated individually.

Freya and her experiences at DAUSKONZEPT

  • Freya has had the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects in different departments.
  • The varied program allowed her to broaden and deepen her skills.
  • Freya has learned how to interact in a team and how to communicate effectively to achieve the best result.
  • The program has not only provided her with the necessary knowledge and skills, but has also developed her personality.

Why an apprenticeship at DAUSKONZEPT??

An apprenticeship at DAUSKONZEPT offers students an intensive experience and dedicated support from qualified employees. The practical training and the diverse courses prepare the participants well to work successfully in the IT sector in the future.

Training at dauskonzept: freya's experience report

Training at DAUSKONZEPT is a very good investment in my own career. Whoever chooses this training can expect to receive a solid and professional education that will provide him or her with a solid foundation as an IT consultant.

My decision for an apprenticeship at DAUSKONZEPT

When I started looking for an apprenticeship after graduating from high school, I had high expectations of my future employer. I was looking for a company that could offer me a well-founded and practice-oriented training as well as a long-term perspective in my professional life.

After intensively researching different companies, I came across DAUSKONZEPT. I was particularly impressed by the wide range of development and career opportunities the company offers its employees. In addition, DAUSKONZEPT impresses with its outstanding training quality and an open and appreciative corporate culture.

After an application process that particularly impressed me thanks to the open feedback from the personnel managers, I was finally accepted for training as an IT specialist at DAUSKONZEPT.

  • highly qualified training
  • manifold career opportunities
  • appreciative corporate culture

Today, after having worked at DAUSKONZEPT for several months, I can say that my expectations have not only been met, but even exceeded. I am proud to be part of this outstanding company and look forward to a successful future as an IT specialist at DAUSKONZEPT.

Training at DAUSKONZEPT: Freya reports!

When I decided to train as a web developer, I applied to several companies. DAUSKONZEPT convinced me not only with its wide range of training courses and advanced training, but above all with its family atmosphere and its focus on teamwork and personal development.

My training began with a three-month internship, during which I gained my first insights into the various areas of our company. During this time I was also able to take part in some training courses and improve my skills in frontend and backend development.

After the internship I was taken on as a trainee for IT specialist for application development. I work closely with my trainer and learn new things every day. I especially appreciate the many projects I get to work on. This allows me to apply what I have learned directly in practice and to improve continuously.

  • What does a typical working day at DAUSKONZEPT look like??
  • Why is the training at DAUSKONZEPT unique??
  • What further training opportunities are available?
  • How DAUSKONZEPT supports the personal development of trainees?

But it’s not just the work in the office that’s fun. DAUSKONZEPT attaches great importance to team spirit and regular joint activities. For example, we have already participated in a company run and visited the Christmas market together.

In summary, I can say that I chose to train at DAUSKONZEPT because I can not only improve my skills here, but also grow in a great community.

Freya reports: Chances of an apprenticeship at DAUSKONZEPT

DAUSKONZEPT offers young people a wide range of opportunities to obtain high-quality training. The company attaches great importance to supporting its trainees in the best possible way and preparing them optimally for their professional life.

The exciting thing about an apprenticeship at DAUSKONZEPT is the broad spectrum of different professional fields. Whether in the area of IT administration, software development or in the commercial area – there is something for everyone.

Training at dauskonzept: freya's experience report

DAUSKONZEPT offers a further opportunity through the possibility of completing a dual training program. This model combines work in the company with attendance at vocational school. This way, theoretical and practical knowledge can be combined in an optimal way.

But DAUSKONZEPT not only offers an apprenticeship, but also a chance of being taken on after successful completion of the program. Many former trainees are still working in the company today and have become experts in their field.

  • In summary: An apprenticeship at DAUSKONZEPT offers a wide range of occupational fields, a dual education, a very good quality of training as well as a chance of being taken on.

My experience and recommendations

My training at DAUSKONZEPT was an excellent experience. The lecturers were motivated and well organized, which made the lessons very effective. The curriculum covered all the necessary topics and allowed us to improve our practical skills. We also had the opportunity to participate in various workshops and projects to expand our skills and deepen our knowledge.

I recommend DAUSKONZEPT to anyone who is looking for a career in the IT sector. The training is practice-oriented and well-founded, which offers our graduates good career prospects. With DAUSKONZEPT as a reference, graduates can also gain a foothold and grow in larger companies.

Another advantage of the DAUSKONZEPT training is the cooperation with companies that are constantly looking for talented graduates. For graduates, this means a greater opportunity to compete in one of the most important industries in the world.

  • Practice-oriented training
  • Well-structured teaching program
  • Workshops and projects to deepen your knowledge
  • Great career prospects after graduation
  • Cooperation with leading companies in the industry

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