“This is an absolute model farm” – sandra boser mdl and martina braun mdl visit the calf rearing farm of the benz family in friesenheim

Last Friday, Sandra Boser MdL and Martina Braun MdL visited the calf rearing farm of the Benz family in Friesenheim. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the farm and become familiar with the challenges of farming.

Upon arrival at the farm, the enthusiasm of the two members of the state parliament was immediately noticeable. “This is an absolute showcase farm”, says Sandra Boser. The Benz family has been running the calf rearing farm for three generations and specializes in rearing calves. Calves are cared for from birth and receive individual attention.

During the visit, the deputies got a glimpse of the modern farm and learned about the challenges of farming in today’s world. The Benz family operates the farm in a sustainable manner and attaches great importance to environmental protection and animal welfare.

In conclusion, Sandra Boser and Martina Braun were very impressed by the visit and expressed their sincere thanks for the invitation. They assured that they will stand up for the interests of the farmers and will include their experiences in the political work.

A showcase farm for calf rearing

Sandra Boser MdL and Martina Braun MdL visited the calf rearing farm of the Benz family in Friesenheim and were impressed by the exemplary treatment of the animals.

The calves are kept in a species-appropriate manner on the farm and receive professional care. The two politicians were impressed by the cleanliness and modern technology used on the farm. The calves have enough space and can move freely.

The commitment of the Benz family shows that species-appropriate animal husbandry is possible and that it is worth investing in the future. The farm is a showcase for calf rearing and can serve as a model for other farms.

  • species-appropriate animal husbandry
  • professional care
  • modern technology
  • Cleanliness
  • Space for the calves
Animal husbandry appropriate to the species
Professional care
State-of-the-art technology
The calves are given enough space and can move freely. It is ensured that they feel comfortable and are kept in a species-appropriate manner. The care of the calves is professional and is done with a lot of commitment and love. The animals are looked after daily and receive individual care. The farm uses modern technology to improve the rearing of calves. The latest knowledge is used to keep the business up to date.

For Sandra Boser MdL and Martina Braun MdL, the visit to the Benz family was an impressive experience and they are glad that such model farms exist.

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