“There was never any talk of esotericism”: university of innsbruck reacts to causa peace studies

The “Causa Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck has caused a stir in recent weeks. The accusations against the university, and specifically against the head of the Peace Research Institute, Konrad Paul Liessmann, for alleged esoteric practices and influences have fueled the discussion about the scientific nature of peace research and the university in general.

Now the University of Innsbruck has reacted to the accusations and clarifies: “There was never any question of esotericism” and vehemently rejects all accusations. In a press release, the university emphasizes the importance of peace research and its scientific methods.

The discussion about the “Causa Peace Studies but also raises questions about the role of science and the importance of transparency and openness in research. How important are clear guidelines and control mechanisms in science? And what impact do such debates have on trust in science and its results?

University of Innsbruck responds to Causa Peace Studies

The University of Innsbruck has responded to the Peace Studies debate by emphasizing that the program has never been about esotericism. According to the university, this issue has never been part of the curriculum or research.

Criticism of Peace Studies arose from accusations that it was a program with esoteric content. However, the University of Innsbruck strongly contradicts these accusations.

Peace Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study that focuses on the causes of conflict and their solutions. The University of Innsbruck emphasizes that this is a serious issue and that the criticism of the program is unfounded.

  • Peace Studies is not an esoteric program;
  • The program is concerned with peace studies;
  • The criticism of Peace Studies is unfounded.

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