The crown: insight into 12 exciting facts about the popular netflix series

Since the series’ release in 2016, The Crown has gained many fans worldwide. The emotional portrayal of the love, power and politics of the British royal family has captivated audiences and caused a stir.

The series is based on the history of the British royal family and features the life of Queen Elizabeth II. From her rise to the throne to the present day. The accurate historical portrayal of the events and the impressive actors make the series a masterpiece.

But do you know all the background and facts about The Crown? We have collected 12 exciting things for you that you didn’t know about the series yet. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of British royalty and get to know The Crown even better!

Discover unique insights about the production, cast, and story behind the series that are sure to give you new perspectives and insights.

So, let’s dive into the world of The Crown and discover what happened behind the scenes of the popular Netflix series!

The historical background behind “The Crown: 12 things you didn’t know about the Netflix series”

The plot of the Netflix series “The Crown is set against the backdrop of the British monarchy in the 20th century. Century. The historical background is thus of great importance for the understanding of the plot.

The crown: insight into 12 exciting facts about the popular netflix series

One of the important historical events that is thematized in the series is the death of King George VI. In 1952. After his death, his eldest daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, ascended to the throne., the throne. The series explores her path to becoming queen and her life as a monarch.

Another historical background that occurs in the series is the power of the British government and the changes within the political landscape. This includes the tenure of prime ministers such as Winston Churchill and Harold Macmillan.

  • In addition, the series is also dedicated to important events such as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. in 1953 and the marriage of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones.
  • In addition, the series also features historical figures such as Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II., and its role within the monarchy.

The historical background of “The Crown is thus of great importance to the understanding of the plot and gives an insight into the British monarchy and political landscape of the 20th century. The Twentieth Century.

The story of the making of “The Crown

The idea for “The Crown originally came to producer Stephen Daldry, who was interested in a historical drama. He proposed the idea in collaboration with screenwriter Peter Morgan, who was known for his work “The Queen” had already won an Oscar. Together they developed the concept for the series and presented it to Netflix.

The leading actress was Claire Foy, who received much praise for her role as Queen Elizabeth II. received much praise. But also the supporting cast was prominent, including John Lithgow as Winston Churchill.

The production of the series was elaborate and expensive, which is reflected in the detailed equipment and the elaborate filming. Some scenes were shot on the original locations, such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Large sums were also invested in costumes and props to ensure historical accuracy.

The first season of “The Crown was released on Netflix in November 2016 and was an immediate hit. The series has won numerous awards, including the Golden Globe for best drama series. Four seasons have already been produced, and it is assumed that more will follow.

The actors and their roles

The actors in “The Crown portray the famous members of the British royal family and their unique personalities. Claire Foy plays Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons. Her performance as a young queen juggling her new office and marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh was highly praised. Olivia Colman took on the role in seasons three and four, which features the Queen in the ’60s and ’70s.

Matt Smith can be seen as Prince Philip. Smith portrays the Queen’s husband as a surprisingly modern and controversial character. Vanessa Kirby plays Princess Margaret and shows her rebellious side in seasons one and two. Helena Bonham Carter takes on the role in seasons three and four, which shows Margaret in her 70s and 80s, grappling with her own identity and place in the royal family.

Claire Foy’s role as Queen Elizabeth has won her numerous awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Olivia Colman also won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the Queen. Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter also received positive reviews for their performances in the series.

The Crown” is a series of outstanding acting performances and meticulous production Become one of Netflix’s most successful series. The series is an impressive portrayal of the British monarchy, its history and personalities.

The importance of awards and reviews for “The Crown”

The Netflix series “The Crown Has received an impressive number of awards and positive reviews since its debut in 2016. The series has won several Golden Globe and Emmy awards and has been highly praised by critics around the world.

One reason for the numerous awards and positive reviews is the excellent portrayal of the characters and historical context. The actors and actresses, including Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, have brilliantly embodied their roles.

In addition, the series shows historical events and details in an extremely accurate and realistic way, which has impressed viewers and critics alike. The series’ detailed sets and costumes also add to the authenticity.

  • The many awards and positive reviews confirm the high quality of “The Crown”.
  • The excellent portrayal of the characters and the historical context contribute to its success.
  • Historical events and details are shown in an extremely accurate and realistic way.
  • The detailed set and costumes also add to the authenticity.

Overall, “The Crown” shows Clearly, awards and reviews are an important measure of a series’ or film’s success. They not only confirm the quality of the work, but also motivate the team to perform even better.

The future of The Crown

The Crown is one of the most successful Netflix series in recent years. Her unique portrayal of the British royal family has won her numerous fans worldwide. But how does the series continue?

The good news is that Netflix has already given the green light for further seasons. There will be a total of six seasons, which will extend to the present day. This means that current events such as Brexit and the pandemic will also be incorporated into the plot.

Another interesting detail is that the actors for the role of the Queen are changed every ten years. This means that Olivia Colman, who plays the Queen in seasons 3 and 4, will be replaced by another actress in the following seasons. Who that will be, however, is not yet known.

The crown: insight into 12 exciting facts about the popular netflix series
  • Did you know that the royals themselves also watch the series?? For example, Prince William is said to have already commented on the fact that his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, are not as portrayed in the series.
  • Another curious detail: In the series, the Queen wears a necklace in almost every scene. However, this has no jewelry value, but only serves to help the actress better get into character.
  • Another surprise: the coronation scene in season 1 was filmed in Westminster Abbey – and in just one day. In total, it involved over 200 unpaid extras.

All in all, The Crown will continue to be an exciting series in the future, with many interesting details. We can look forward to the next seasons and the new actors who will play the Queen and the other royals.

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