Software material list for axis os: focus on cybersecurity through improved visibility

As the use of IP cameras becomes more widespread, the security of the systems also becomes more important. To ensure this, AXIS Communications has published a software material list that focuses on cybersecurity through enhanced transparency.

Bill of Materials is a comprehensive document that provides detailed information about the software components used in the Axis camera operating system. By improving transparency, customers and partners can better assess the security risk and thus better protect their IP cameras against cyber attacks.

AXIS Communications emphasizes the need to continuously improve cybersecurity and sees the publication of this list as another step in that direction. The compilation is part of an initiative aimed at being more open and transparent in terms of compliance with security standards.

The list also includes information on licenses and copyrights of the software components used to ensure that all licenses are complied with. Conscientiousness and transparency are the key words that were in focus when creating the AXIS Communications material list.

This AXIS Communications initiative is designed to help educate and build confidence in IP camera security. It’s about providing clear and reliable information so customers and partners are able to make informed decisions about protecting their systems.

Focus on cybersecurity through improved transparency

The latest software material list for AXIS OS focuses on cybersecurity through improved transparency. This creates a higher level of trust and traceability for users.

Improved transparency is reflected, among other things, in the disclosure of third-party components used in the software. As a result, potential security vulnerabilities can be quickly identified and remediated. It also facilitates collaboration between developers and users by allowing them to work from a common knowledge base.

To ensure transparency, the software material list is updated and published regularly. It is also freely available to all users. This allows for a comprehensive review of the software, contributing to a higher standard of security.

Software material list for axis os: focus on cybersecurity through improved visibility
  • Benefits of improved visibility:
  • More trust and traceability for users
  • Faster identification and remediation of security vulnerabilities
  • Simplified collaboration between developers and users
  • Higher level of security

AXIS OS software is a key component of networked surveillance systems that can collect and analyze data in real time. With improved visibility, users can be confident that their data is protected at all times.

Software Material List for AXIS OS:
Linux kernel 4.14.131 01.08.2019
BusyBox 1.29.3 05.06.2018
OpenSSL 1.1.1d 12.09.2019
bash 4.4.19 07.09.2017

Regular updates to the software material list ensure that AXIS OS software remains on the cutting edge of cybersecurity technology. This ensures a secure and trusted user experience.

What is AXIS OS?

AXIS OS is an operating system from Axis Communications that is specifically designed for IP video surveillance. It provides a scalable and open platform for networking IP cameras and other network devices.

For improved cybersecurity transparency, Axis Communications has published a bill of materials for AXIS OS software. The list details all components used, giving customers and partners a better understanding of the security of the software.

Components in the material list include OpenSSL, Apache, and OpenSSL FIPS Object Module. By regularly reviewing and updating these components, Axis Communications ensures that AXIS OS is always up to date with cybersecurity threats.

  • OpenSSL: open source software for encrypting and decrypting data.
  • Apache: open source web server software for running web applications.
  • OpenSSL FIPS Object Module: A module validated as FIPS 140-2 that supports AXIS OS encryption.

The use of these and other components enables AXIS OS to provide a robust and secure IP video surveillance platform.

Importance of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is critical as modern society depends on computer networks and constantly brings new technological advances. Securing these systems and data is of paramount importance to protect critical infrastructures such as power grids, hospitals and financial institutions to ensure the well-being of society.

With the increasing number of threats, such as targeted attacks by criminal groups, national intelligence agencies or hacker groups, it is important that businesses and governments take steps to protect their networks and systems. Improved transparency in software development allows security vulnerabilities to be identified early and fixed before damage is done.

To ensure cybersecurity, enterprises and governments must develop a broader strategy to combat cyber threats. This requires collaboration between regulators, businesses and public organizations, as well as compliance with national and international standards and laws to protect data and infrastructure.

  • The importance of cybersecurity
  • Need to improve transparency in software development
  • Call for collaboration between regulators, businesses and public organizations

Ultimately, it comes down to taking cybersecurity seriously and taking appropriate measures to protect digital systems and data. Everyone can do their part by being aware of the threats on the network and being responsible with the confidentiality and integrity of data.

Improved transparency for better cybersecurity

Software material list for AXIS OS focuses on cybersecurity through improved transparency. By providing customers with a comprehensive view of the components used in its products, the company can quickly and easily identify and address potential security vulnerabilities.

The new transparency initiative is part of AXIS’ comprehensive commitment to cybersecurity and is supported by a variety of measures, including rigorous testing and validation, compliance with industry standards and continuous threat monitoring.

AXIS believes that improved transparency and cybersecurity are closely linked. By knowing all the components and technologies in use, customers can not only make better decisions, but also actively participate in risk assessment and mitigation to improve their security.

  • Improved transparency also leads to a higher level of trust between companies and their customers.
  • AXIS remains committed to cybersecurity and will continue to launch innovative initiatives to enhance the security of its products in the future.
  • The new transparency initiative is an important step toward better cybersecurity, and AXIS is proud to play a leading role in this evolution.

Security through transparency: The updated software material list for AXIS OS

AXIS OS stands for the highest quality and most advanced technology in the field of IP video surveillance. To further improve AXIS OS security, we have updated our software material list. The list contains all software components used in AXIS OS, including information about their versions and licenses.

By publishing this updated material list, we improve the visibility of our software products and enable our customers to better protect their networks. The list also includes information on known security issues and how to fix them. Regular updates to the software components in AXIS OS ensure that our customers are always using the latest and most secure versions.

Improved cybersecurity through regular updates

  • The updated software material list includes several components for improved cybersecurity, including:
  • clear listing of all software components in use
  • information on known security issues and how to fix them
  • Clear labeling of open source components
  • By taking these measures, we ensure that AXIS OS meets the highest cybersecurity standards and provides our customers with optimal security.
  • The updated software material list for AXIS OS is available to all customers free of charge. We strongly recommend regularly checking that all components in use are up to date to ensure your network is fully protected.

    Software material list for axis os: focus on cybersecurity through improved visibility

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