“Shaping school, not just managing it” carsten ingwertsen-martensen retires

Carsten Ingwertsen-Martensen has worked in education for more than 30 years, during which time he has guided numerous students on their journey. Now, in retirement, he reviews his professional career. But instead of just remembering the past years, he takes the opportunity to look into the future: How can schools be designed in the future to meet the demands and needs of students?
A central theme that has accompanied him throughout the years is the design of the school. Too often, schools have been managed instead of actively changing and challenging students. But, according to Ingwertsen-Martensen, schools must meet today’s challenges based on the needs of students. How this can look in concrete terms will be fleshed out in this article based on Ingwertsen-Martensen’s experiences.
But before we turn to the concrete suggestions, let’s first take a look at the motivations that have driven Ingwertsen-Martensen throughout her years in the teaching profession. What were his goals and how did he achieve them?? These and other questions will be answered in the following text.

School as a place of design

The school should not just be a place where administrative tasks are done. Rather, it should be a place where creative ideas are realized and renewal is initiated. During his tenure as principal, Carsten Ingwertsen-Martensen has always made sure that the school is also seen as a place for shaping things.

Because only in this way can students be optimally prepared for life. A school that is always on the move and has the courage to initiate change can meet the needs of its students. Ingwertsen-Martensen has always been committed to such a school, and has always strived to offer students and teachers as many opportunities as possible to shape their own lives.

In order for the school to be used as a creative space, all stakeholders should pull together. Good school management, creative teachers and motivated students are necessary to initiate and successfully implement change. Ingwertsen-Martensen has always been aware of this and has worked to ensure good cooperation between all parties involved.

By shaping the school, students can be optimally prepared for life. Institutions such as project weeks, student exchange programs and also AG offerings enable students to discover and develop their skills and talents. Ingwertsen-Martensen has always been committed to such offerings and has actively used the school as a place for shaping change.

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