Nothing to celebrate for russian military – ‘what’s broken is broken’!”

Nothing to celebrate for russian military - 'what's broken is broken'!'

Over the past few weeks, tensions between Russia and the West have increased. The reason is the Russian deployment of troops on the border with Ukraine. Many observers fear a renewed escalation of the conflict – perhaps even a war.

The Russian government claims that the deployment is only an exercise and that it has no intention of invading Ukraine. But many experts are skeptical. They believe that Russia is actually planning a military strike against Ukraine.

Regardless of whether Russia is really planning an attack or not, there is one group of people who definitely have nothing to celebrate: the Russian soldiers. Because although Russia has one of the largest armies in the world, it is in poor condition. Corruption, mismanagement, and lack of investment have resulted in many units being poorly trained and ill-equipped.

  • A 2017 Russian government report found that only 30% of the army’s weapons systems are fully functional.
  • According to a U.S. Army report, many Russian soldiers do not have proper equipment, such as helmets and body armor.
  • According to a report by Amnesty International, there is a widespread problem of abuse and harassment in the Russian army.

The army’s poor training and equipment could have serious consequences in the event of war. But even if it doesn’t come to that, conditions are bad for soldiers. Many have to live and work under inhumane conditions. They lack basic necessities such as food, water and medical care.

There’s a Russian proverb that says, ‘What’s broken is broken’!”. This also applies to the Russian army. It will take years to modernize and reform the army. But in the meantime, Russian soldiers must work under difficult conditions and prepare for a possible deployment – whether they are ready for it or not.

Russian army suffers from neglect of military infrastructure

The Russian army has suffered from neglect of its military infrastructure in recent years. As a result, many facilities are outdated and in poor condition.

Several scandals have shown that the army is not equipped for its tasks. For example, the number of cases of maladministration and corruption in the Russian army has increased significantly. It’s clear that years of neglect have meant that things are now humming along at every turn.

The consequences of this neglect are fatal for the Russian army. Without long-term investment in military infrastructure, it is unlikely that the Army will be able to accomplish its missions in the future. What once is broken, usually stays broken.

  • Replacement parts for old equipment are hard to come by.
  • Modern equipment is not always ready for use.
  • Soldier training is subpar.

So there’s nothing to celebrate for the Russian military. Without a real change, the Russian army will continue to suffer from neglect of military infrastructure.

Nothing to celebrate for russian military - 'what's broken is broken'!'

Hopefully, the Russian government will recognize the urgency of this problem and take the necessary steps to modernize the military infrastructure.

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