Cuba Tips

Cuba is an extremely scenic and culturally appealing vacation destination in the Caribbean.

To make your stay on the island as pleasant and stress-free as possible, we have compiled a number of useful tips and hints for you.

Vaccinations and medical care in Cuba

Every vacationer should deal with the subject of health in Cuba before the start of the trip. Although the Caribbean island is not located in a malaria area, there is a latent risk of contracting dengue fever or a Zika virus infection through mosquito transmission. In the report Health on Cuba we deal in detail with the recommended vaccinations and with the medical care on the Caribbean island. You will learn details about the rescue system, hospital treatment and diarrhea prophylaxis. In addition, we go into the conclusion of a foreign health insurance, which is mandatory for all travelers to Cuba.

Internet, phone calls and currency in Cuba

Cuba is a socialist island nation and communication channels available anywhere in the world, like the internet, are not a given in Cuba. Reason enough to take a closer look at this topic and to explain the peculiarities of using the Internet. In the article Internet and telephony on Cuba you will learn details about cell phone use, WLAN hotspots and the availability of the World Wide Web on the island. Something that might take some getting used to for all Cuba vacationers is dealing with the two currencies that exist in parallel. On the Caribbean island there is the national currency Peso Cubano (CUP) and the Peso Convertible (CUC), which is mainly used by tourists to pay within the country. In the report Currency in Cuba we go into the peculiarities of the monetary system and explain the differences between the two means of payment. In addition, you can find a currency converter on the site that will show you the daily exchange rate from euros to CUC.

Things you should refrain from doing in Cuba

As in every country on earth, there are certain things in Cuba that tourists are better off avoiding. It goes without saying that you should not exchange money with strangers on the street. But long queues in front of the bank counters make many people take this step against their better judgment. To find out why you're still better off waiting, check out the report, "Caution: things you're better off avoiding in Cuba!". You will receive information on touts and how to encounter them, on how to behave at gas stations and in the event of a flat tire, and on the dangers of publicly criticizing the existing political system.

Packing lists for a Cuba vacation

Packing lists provide useful services when preparing a trip to Cuba. We have compiled a series of packing lists for you, which include a list of the most important utensils. The lists are organized by topic and can be supplemented at any time with individual equipment items. In addition to identification papers and personal documents, we have prepared packing lists for toilet and hygiene articles, travel utensils and technical equipment. The lists do not claim to be complete and are only a recommendation. If you miss a list of the contents of a first-aid kit, you will find it in the article Health in Cuba. At the end of the report you will find a packing list with necessary medicines, insect repellent, sunscreen and bandages.

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