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Car rental Alice Springs: info, route suggestions & top offers

With the help of our rental car, camper, motorhome and 4WD price comparison you will not only save a lot of time, but also a lot of money! Through our partner agencies you can choose from many different models of the most popular providers and book at the best prices!

No matter if car, camper, motorhome, 4WD & station wagon, in our search you will find it. If you need assistance with your booking or would like to receive more information, please feel free to contact us via our inquiry form (see below).

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Virtual tour on Goree – with Heygo

One click and I land on Goree, an island off Dakar (Senegal).

I am at the mercy of Alioune Diane. He is today's guide and leads me and 64 other participants through the island's UNESCO World Heritage Site. More precisely: Alioune holds the camera of his cell phone on what he thinks is worth seeing and tells what he knows about it.

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Camping in winter: 11 warming tips against the cold when camping

There is nothing more beautiful than standing in front of snow-covered mountains under a clear starry sky, or breathing in the scent of pine trees in the middle of a snowy forest landscape.
However, even the most spectacular setting doesn't make up for miserable camping in sub-zero temperatures. Because all you will think at the sight of such a beautiful scenery is:
How can I survive this bitter cold?? And how do I save my hands from freezing to death??

However, don't worry: you and your hands will be fine if you take our 11 tips to heart. These are true life hacks! We show how you can survive the frosty weather well warmed and well prepared – and enjoy a wonderful camping trip as well. As beautiful as you thought you would be.