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Travel tip Portugal: What to do in Albufeira

Travel Tip Portugal

As one of the most sought-after destinations in the Algarve, it is no surprise that Albufeira is very suitable for spending an unforgettable nautical vacation. This Algarve town is famous for its beautiful beaches, water sports for all tastes and lively nightlife. Discover what you can do in Albufeira here in our Portugal travel tip. Enjoy every second of your free days and explore the region aboard a boat.

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Komoot: Tips and tricks for e-bike riders

Those who travel a lot in nature, whether by bike or on foot, often turn to the tour app komoot. The platform offers thousands of route suggestions for excursions and also allows you to plan your own tours.

Meanwhile, more and more e-bikes are romping on the roads and bike paths and komoot offers some practical innovations to make your "e-tour" even better. We reveal to you below which tricks you should definitely know about.

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Running in autumn

Ok, I admit it, the headline "running in autumn" doesn't really read well and only brings a smile to few people's faces. Let me try it another way: imagine a beautiful fall day, colorful leaves are on the ground, the sun is smiling out from between the trees and you are also mega motivated to go for a run! Sounds a lot better already, doesn't it? Basically it works like this. Sure, summer and warm temperatures are history for this year at least, but they'll be back next year after all!

For those who don't mind the cold and for whom running in the fall isn't a motivation killer, however, there are a few tips you should take to heart to make it through and into the winter healthy as well.

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Sights in Lower Silesia: my top 8 tips for a trip to Poland

Beautiful Lower Silesia is located in the southwestern part of Poland with its capital city Wroclaw. It has real cultural and sightseeing treasures. Especially the castles in Lower Silesia and the associated Hirschberg Valley are breathtakingly beautiful. In addition, this part of Poland is one of the most culturally rich regions of Europe.

This stands out in particular with its highest European density of castles. And these castles invite to dream and also to stay overnight. All of the castles presented here are located in the Hirschberg Valley, which was once home to the summer residences for the Prussian kings and is part of Lower Silesia.

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Koh Mook – Island paradise in the south of Thailand

Paradise. A small word that may mean something different for everyone. Since I was on Koh Mook (also Ko Muk, Koh Mak or Koh Mok) I see, when I think of paradise, a very specific place of Koh Mook right in front of my eyes. In our blog post we would like to tell you more about our stay on the small island in southern Thailand in the province of Trang, which restaurants we found super and what you should not miss on Koh Mook in any case.

We tell you how to reach this beautiful place, where to stay, but most of all where to get the best food on the island. And of course we tell you the absolutely most paradisiacal place for the sunset on Koh Mook.

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Kosovo sights – nature, culture and architecture

Sights of Kosovo - nature, culture and architecture

Kosovo is a true pearl between the Orient and the Occident. And this is what more and more people who are interested in scenic and cultural-historical treasures are discovering. Kosovo is tiny, the area is only half the size of Hesse. However, in this small area is enormous, which makes a vacation an experience. Tourists can discover a lot. This article gives tips on the most beautiful sights and the natural regions worth seeing in Kosovo.

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Shortly times out: 10 sunny-warm destinations in the spring

City trip or country outing? Where is the most beautiful in spring? Which vacation destination is worth for a spontaneous short vacation? We've dug through our photo archives and picked out the best destinations for bridge days in May and early summer.

There's something for everyone: wilderness, waterfalls and tree houses in the countryside. If you prefer a city trip, here you go: How about Porto or The Hague? Both guaranteed not as crowded as their better-known sisters, but no less enchanting.

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Snowboarding in Sweden – the best ski resorts

Snowboarding in Sweden

Sweden has long been one of the most popular destinations for Germans – especially in summer. At the same time, the Swedish winter also has nature at its best: Reindeer, huskies, aurora borealis and vast, flat forests. But also if you feel like skiing in Sweden or snowboarding like me in special places, far from the famous places like France or Austria, there are many ski resorts to choose from.