Venice starts just behind Hamburg..

In spring I was traveling in Italy… my way led also to Venice. But there I didn't really feel like joining the queue of tourists who gondola through Venice, in the truest sense of the word. This experience I rather made up for this summer in my northern German homeland. Heard correctly… I have been in northern Germany by Venetian gondola on the road. Where, how and why… I'll tell you now.

Gondolas Stade


Verona sights Top 10 (with photos)

The northern Italian city of Verona, which served Shakespeare as the setting for his tragedy of love, has become a popular tourist destination, not least due to various film adaptations. Here we present you our top 10 Verona attractions.

If you are looking for the typical Italian flair, this is the place to be. Historic buildings and romantic alleys are lined up close together in Verona's beautiful historic center. The mix makes Verona even one of the top sights of all Italy.