Sights in Colombia

To be quite honest, in a couple of weeks round trip in Colombia it is impossible to see all the sights in Colombia, enjoy the local life and discover even more unknown places. However, it is quite possible to get a relatively good overview and visit the main places that make Colombia so famous.

There is so much to discover that a whole year would not be enough. But we will try to introduce you to the best places and sights in Colombia, so you don't miss anything during your stay. For an even more authentic trip we have also included places that are off the beaten track. Let's go !


Austria: Career opportunities in tourism

Tourism is one of Austria's strongest economic sectors. Natural mountains, lakes and historic cities make Austria a popular destination for sports enthusiasts, families and culture vultures. In order to be able to continue to attract this range of tourists, the Austrian tourism industry is investing heavily in the sector. For skilled workers, Austria therefore offers a wide range of career opportunities in tourism. But also career changers can gain a foothold in the tourism sector.



Wondering where to stay in Acadia National Park??

Located on the southeast coast of Maine, Acadia National Park may be small, but it has it all.The region attracts over 3 million visitors each year and is known for its vast forests, stunning coastlines and peaceful hikes.It's most popular in the fall, when rainbow-colored foliage creates the perfect photo backdrop – though we think it's just as beautiful any time of year, especially from Cadillac Mountain.

You can't stay at the park itself (unless you bring a tent), so you'll have to stay in one of the nearby towns.There are many options to choose from, all offering something completely different, so you'll need to do some research before booking your stay.


Nordic Team Travel

Travelogue from the NTT Hurtigruten group cruise 2018

Travelogue from the NTT Hurtigruten group cruise 2018

The Nordic-Team-Travel travel group, accompanied by our tour guide Klaus, was allowed to experience the diverse Norwegian coast and its exciting ports on board the MS Trollfjord. In memory are fantastic panoramic views, grandiose fjords and the fresh delicacies offered on board. The mainland was explored via booked activities and "on your own". The evenings were enjoyed together at the stern with delicious food and we always had a lot to talk about. Dive into Klaus` travel reports and let yourself be inspired.


Moselle, Rhine & Main: Wine & Pleasure on the River

I already have some river cruise experience, but a gourmet trip on the water was not one of them – and so I went along at the end of October on the route from Frankfurt to Trier and back.

River cruise Moselle, Rhine & Main – my on-board diary

What I experienced on the Falstaff Wine and Pleasure Voyage, you can read here in my on-board diary. I have answered all other questions about this river cruise on the Moselle, Rhine and Main in the info box at the end of the article.


Style guide boyfriend jeans: Combining made easy!

Comfortable fit, super combinable and also a real figure flatterer: boyfriend jeans are about the best thing that could happen to women in terms of legwear! It's no wonder that the casual-fitting jeans that look like we nonchalantly swiped them from our sweetheart's closet have been trending for several seasons – and will stay that way for quite some time to come! We show how to combine boyfriend jeans and conjure up any number of multi-faceted looks with them as a relaxed base!

First of all, let's explain what exactly boyfriend jeans actually are: boyfriend jeans are casual, loose-fitting denim pants with straight, rather wide-cut legs. Thanks to the leg-flattering fit, boyfriend jeans are real figure flatterers that are not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also distract from strong legs. Most of the time, boyfriend jeans sit relaxed on the hips and, since not only their leg width but also the hip and bottom area have more width than classic women's jeans, they like to be "fixed" with a belt.


Nepal won’t let me go: Trekking in the Langtang Area

¨It is the 23. December 2014. I'm sitting in the lounge at a fine little lodge in Kanjin Gomba, while I type these lines into my tablet over a mug of milk tea (with sugar – I almost don't drink without it anymore, I'm so adjusted already). Kanjin Gomba is the last place on the Langtang Trek.


Only for tomorrow I have taken all my computer equipment to trek in the hope to have contact home for Christmas. However I already know. There is no wifi or cell phone reception in Langtang or Kanjin Gomba. There is only one landline.


Money, Money, Money

Before my trip around the world I never really thought about a credit card, but especially if you are traveling outside of Europe for a longer period of time, a credit card is a must. But in the jungle of providers, it is not so easy to choose. Many offer bonus services like travel insurance, but do you need it at all?? I give here an overview based on my experience and research.