Frank stronach announces his legacy

The Austrian-Canadian entrepreneur Frank Stronach has been known in recent years mainly for his political involvement. But today he is expected to make another significant announcement at a media conference in Austria.

Stronach is expected to announce his “legacy” today. Exactly what that means is as yet an open question, but conjecture abounds. It may be a significant donation to a charitable project, a new foundation, or even a personal withdrawal from the public eye.

The abolition of the real estate transfer tax in the czech republic: a step in the right direction?

There is currently a heated debate in the Czech Republic about the possible abolition of the real estate transfer tax. Many experts see this as an opportunity to boost the housing market and promote economic growth. But what exactly does the abolition of this tax mean and how would it affect the real estate industry?
The real estate transfer tax is a levy that is due when land or real estate is purchased. Currently, it amounts to 4% of the purchase price in the Czech Republic. The idea of abolishing this tax has met with approval from many real estate experts and politicians. In their opinion, this would lead to more people being able to afford to buy property, thus boosting the housing market.

The background of the reform

The abolition of the real estate transfer tax in the Czech Republic is a political decision that was made after long discussions and debates. The reform was introduced by the government with the aim of boosting the economy and improving the investment climate in the country. The abolition of the tax is expected to relieve the burden on investors and companies, thus creating incentives to invest in the Czech Republic.

Budget for the rich? Truss’ tax cuts divide great britain

The recently proposed tax cuts by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Liz Truss have caused controversy in the country. While the government argues that reducing income tax for the UK’s richest citizens will boost economic growth and create jobs, many people are concerned that this will further divide society.

Proponents of the tax cuts claim that this will spur economic growth and encourage investment and innovation. They argue that cutting taxes for the wealthy entrepreneurs and investors will create an incentive structure to create new jobs and move the country forward. Moreover, they claim that these measures will provide more justice by rewarding those who work hard and succeed.

Cancel rv financing and return the vehicle

Buying a mobile home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be an expensive one, especially if you choose to finance it through financing. In some cases, you may not be comfortable at the end of the purchase or find a better financing option. Fortunately, there is a right of cancellation for financing contracts in Germany that allows consumers to cancel their contracts within 14 days.

In this article, you’ll learn what to do if you want to cancel your RV financing and return the vehicle. Learn what steps you need to take to exercise the right to revoke a contract and how to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences such as additional costs or having to keep the motorhome.

One in four consumers use installment loans

The use of installment loans in Germany remains stable at a high level. According to the latest study by Creditplus, 25% of consumers in Germany already use installment loans to fulfill their financing needs. One in four Germans uses this type of financing to make major purchases such as cars, furniture or electrical appliances.
But what exactly is an installment loan?? An installment loan is a form of financing in which a certain amount is borrowed from a credit institution and then repaid in monthly installments. This type of financing is very popular not only with consumers, but also with companies.
There are many reasons for the high use of installment loans in Germany, ranging from flexible terms to ease of application. This article takes a closer look at the advantages of installment loans and current developments on the German financial market. Read more about this in the following paragraphs.

The popularity of installment loans is on the rise

More and more consumers are opting for an installment loan as a financing option. According to a recent study, a quarter of all consumers in Germany already use installment loans. But why is that?

Everything you need to know about the rental deposit in switzerland

When you rent an apartment in Switzerland, you will most likely be made aware of the rental deposit when you sign the contract. The rental deposit is a common part of a rental agreement in Switzerland, but there are some important details you should know to save money and hassle.

Everything you need to know about the rental deposit in switzerland

First of all, you should know that the rental deposit in Switzerland is usually a maximum of three months’ rent. This means that if your monthly rent is, for example, CHF 2,000, the highest allowable rental deposit is CHF 6,000.

Financing the remaining debt with favorable interest rates: follow-up financing

The purchase of a property or apartment represents a large investment. In most cases, you have to take out a loan to finance the purchase price. During the term of the loan, financial possibilities and life circumstances may change and thus also the framework conditions of the loan agreement. Often there is then a follow-up financing, in which the remaining debt is paid off with a new loan.

This financing option is very popular, as it offers the possibility of benefiting from lower interest rates. With the follow-up financing, one can refinance the remaining debt at the current conditions of the financial market. This can lead to a significant interest rate advantage and thus a considerable saving on interest costs.