From Singapore to Malacca

The island nation of Singapore is an adrenaline-pumping destination that could keep you busy for weeks on end. From its colonial core with great architecture, an impressive Chinatown and beautiful temples to the global financial center with modern skyscrapers, Singapore is a place of history and modernity. A few hours drive northwest, the Malaysian city of Malacca offers some similarities to Singapore's Chinatown, temples and interesting colonial architecture, but Malacca offers a more relaxed atmosphere than Singapore. Get here to discover night markets and antique stores in this alluring UNESCO World Heritage-listed city.

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Unknown wine villages in the Stuttgart region: Leonberg and a very special winegrowers’ festival

Leonberg is well known. From here come the beautiful dogs, named after the town where they are bred. Recently, a puppy even became a city godchild and appears at events as an ambassador for Leonberg. Drivers have probably heard of Leonberg, too, if they often travel to or from Stuttgart in a westerly direction and the traffic radio at the autobahn interchange once again reports that it will take longer to get there.

But Leonberg and wine? This is new to most. Winegrowing has been going on here for a long time.

Puerto de Mogan: Harbour town on the south coast

Port of Puerto de Mogan with yachts and restaurants

Puerto de Mogan is despite increasing tourism a place with manageable size and original buildings in the village center remained. In the picturesque harbor there are fishing boats but also sport boats and many yachts. Also a quite protected, but often well visited sandy beach belongs to the vacation resort Puerto de Mogan. The fishing village belongs to Mogan, a good 10 km further on in the center of the island of Gran Canaria, which is also the site of the 20 or so.which gives its name to the municipality of Mogan with its 000 inhabitants.

Outfit on a business trip: Perfectly dressed on the business trip

If you have an important business trip or a business meeting during your vacation, your business outfit should be chosen according to the occasion. Here are some points to consider, so that even on a business trip always a serious and competent impression is conveyed. The business look does not have to be boring or conventional at all.

If some important rules are followed, a fashionable yet authentic look can be created.


Moselle, Rhine & Main: Wine & Pleasure on the River

I already have some river cruise experience, but a gourmet trip on the water was not one of them – and so I went along at the end of October on the route from Frankfurt to Trier and back.

River cruise Moselle, Rhine & Main – my on-board diary

What I experienced on the Falstaff Wine and Pleasure Voyage, you can read here in my on-board diary. I have answered all other questions about this river cruise on the Moselle, Rhine and Main in the info box at the end of the article.

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Travel tip Portugal: What to do in Albufeira

Travel Tip Portugal

As one of the most sought-after destinations in the Algarve, it is no surprise that Albufeira is very suitable for spending an unforgettable nautical vacation. This Algarve town is famous for its beautiful beaches, water sports for all tastes and lively nightlife. Discover what you can do in Albufeira here in our Portugal travel tip. Enjoy every second of your free days and explore the region aboard a boat.

Experience the Aurora Borealis – The best destinations

Witnessing the Aurora Borealis is an unforgettable experience that many people wait a lifetime for – because conditions must be perfect for this spectacular spectacle to take place. But here's the good news: if you choose the right time and spend time in Scandinavia or other northern countries, you'll often be rewarded with a glimpse of the stunning lights. Thanks to the longer darkness and the clear night sky, the months of December to March are usually the best time to observe this natural phenomenon. However, there are places where sightings are possible all year round.

Northern Sweden and Finland

Sweden's northernmost city, Kiruna, is considered Scandinavia's gateway to nearby attractions. These include the ice hotel, the mountainous Abisko National Park, the local Sami culture and numerous reindeer. A short drive from town takes you to an ideal spot for aurora viewing. The weather here is much more stable than on the rest of the coast of Scandinavia. In the nearby Finnish region of Lapland, Rovaniemi serves as a gateway to several national parks. In winter you can see here besides the northern lights also frozen snow covered trees, the so called Tykky sculptures.

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Komoot: Tips and tricks for e-bike riders

Those who travel a lot in nature, whether by bike or on foot, often turn to the tour app komoot. The platform offers thousands of route suggestions for excursions and also allows you to plan your own tours.

Meanwhile, more and more e-bikes are romping on the roads and bike paths and komoot offers some practical innovations to make your "e-tour" even better. We reveal to you below which tricks you should definitely know about.