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Cuba is an extremely scenic and culturally appealing vacation destination in the Caribbean.

To make your stay on the island as pleasant and stress-free as possible, we have compiled a number of useful tips and hints for you.

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Motorcycle Tour 101: Traveling by Motorcycle

Traveling by motorcycle is like unpacking and releasing true freedom.Does that sound a bit poetic?Ok, but motorcycle tours really allow you to travel at your own pace through both cities and totally offbeat places.

Not to mention that driving is by far more rewarding than catching an old bus!Camping at the base of majestic mountains and slow mornings in a foreign land are both favorites of longtime motorcycle travelers.

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Whales, Fynbos and Caves Our individual travel report from Hermanus and Walker Bay

Hermanus and the area around Walker Bay have a lot to offer, especially during the whale season. Hermanus is one of the very few places in the world where you can watch whales from land. This really in the truest sense, you stand at the cliff and the whales swim past almost within reach.

Of course you have to come in season. Then in the village a gentleman dressed in pirate navy look with a horn makes himself loudly noticeable and announces with special tone sequences, where which whales were sighted.


Sights in Colombia

To be quite honest, in a couple of weeks round trip in Colombia it is impossible to see all the sights in Colombia, enjoy the local life and discover even more unknown places. However, it is quite possible to get a relatively good overview and visit the main places that make Colombia so famous.

There is so much to discover that a whole year would not be enough. But we will try to introduce you to the best places and sights in Colombia, so you don't miss anything during your stay. For an even more authentic trip we have also included places that are off the beaten track. Let's go !


Venice starts just behind Hamburg..

In spring I was traveling in Italy… my way led also to Venice. But there I didn't really feel like joining the queue of tourists who gondola through Venice, in the truest sense of the word. This experience I rather made up for this summer in my northern German homeland. Heard correctly… I have been in northern Germany by Venetian gondola on the road. Where, how and why… I'll tell you now.

Gondolas Stade

Travel Tips

South Tyrol vacation: Insider tips from connoisseurs

The people have a sunny disposition and love to take care of their vacation guests. The exceptionally beautiful landscape provides the backdrop for varied vacations, ranging from quiet and tranquil to spectacular. And gorgeous hotels in South Tyrol round out the experience. South Tyrol is in many ways a region of contrasts and offers something new with every stay.

The northernmost province of Italy has a southern flair

Palm trees and oranges in the mountains? In South Tyrol, these things are not mutually exclusive. The warm air from the south drives the thermometer up in the summer months. The valley is a fruit-growing area, which year after year covers the slopes with a magical veil at flowering time. Bolzano is the capital of the province, where traditional life meets people with modern views. The once found otzi can be seen in the archaeological museum and the picturesque old town with its small alleys, trendy boutiques and clubs attracts vacationers interested in art and culture as well as young party people.


Austria: Career opportunities in tourism

Tourism is one of Austria's strongest economic sectors. Natural mountains, lakes and historic cities make Austria a popular destination for sports enthusiasts, families and culture vultures. In order to be able to continue to attract this range of tourists, the Austrian tourism industry is investing heavily in the sector. For skilled workers, Austria therefore offers a wide range of career opportunities in tourism. But also career changers can gain a foothold in the tourism sector.